When you can count on the total collaboration and availability of our supplier to face the difficulties of everyday life, as is the case of Compuworks, everything is easier, and our business benefits from the advantages of having solutions. It is this cooperation that has sustained a cordial partnership for many years and that works with simplicity and with proper effectiveness.

Jorge OuriqueCommercial Director, Gama Uno

Quality, speed and ability to dialogue with the Customer are attributes that we value in our suppliers and that we have found fully at Compuworks. We recommend them.

Rui CabralExecutive Manager, ANREEE

Compuworks is an important partner that responds consistently to both Workcare’s expectations and needs in a speedy and professional way.

Tiago DinisCommercial Director, Workcare

Compuworks is a business partner with whom we work in a very agile and efficient way. Technical competence and ease of business relationship are aspects that we highlight in this partnership.

Matilde CarvalhoExecutive Director, AREAGEST

Competence, Professionalism and Care is what best defines Compuworks. We are very pleased to have you as our partners in our IT area.

Helena LaranjeiraFinancial Director, GES Portugal

We would like to thank Compuworks for all the work carried out in our company as well as the professionalism shown in its execution.

InvestmentsAdministrator, Serpla

Despite being a recent partnership, Compuworks has met our best expectations. We are very pleased with the competence, effectiveness and professionalism with which Compuworks Team manages and runs our Systems, Software, Licensing and Hardware Networks. It is effectively a Successful Partnership to continue for many years to come.

Josué Mateus PiresExecutive Director, IIC - Commercial Informer Institute

With a team of professionals who are always available and efficient and in which we have complete trust, it is with great pleasure that we aknowledge the continuous commitment of Compuworks to answer all our computer needs.

Teresa FerreiraDirector of Reservations, Hotel Senhora da Guia

Working with Compuworks is a guarantee of professionalism, quality, dedication and friendliness.

Filipa Barata AlvesForensic Secretary, Bernardino Resente and Associates